The N Ave Beach Club

2016 Rankings Guidelines

Based on the Results from the N Ave Beach Club's Juniors Events,
The Beach Ball Tourneys

The Point System
Player points per tourney:
The Following Points are Awarded for Results from an Open Division.  Club Division Results are Reduced by 20%.

1st: 100

2nd: 90

3rd: 80

4th: 70

Players will be Ranked According to their Average Score. 
To Qualify, and to Receive Points, a Player must Advance to the Semi-Finals in at least three Beach Ball Tourneys.
A Player's Score will be Based on their three Best Results.  
Members of the Rules Committee:
Bill Yedor
Rick Butler
Melissa Cox
Taye Im
Bryan McDermand
Player Rankings Inquiry

You may question, fix, clarify and/or challenge the points awarded
to any player.  All inquiries must be made through this form.
Please note, all communications will be by email.

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